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  • London takes global top spot for luxury home sales - Financial Times
  • Why you should bet on London - Financial Times
  • Crowds gather in London to mourn Prince Philip, dead at 99 - NBC News
  • UPDATE: London cardinal leads Catholics in mourning death of Prince Philip - Catholic News Service
  • Multimillionaire London hotel mogul Sir Richard Sutton stabbed to death - Fox Business
  • Myanmar's Ambassador to the U.K. Was Locked Out of London Embassy - The New York Times
  • Lockdown houseplant trend captured by London photographer - BBC News
  • $1 million construction begins on signal upgrades in New London - theday.com
  • Digital pound would boost post-Brexit City of London, think-tank says - WHBL News
  • Job postings hint at winners of NYC and London e-scooter pilots - TechCrunch

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National Gallery Trafalgar Square Coca Cola London Eye M&M's World Big Ben Her Majesty's Theatre 10 Downing Street Theatre Royal Drury Lane British Museum Westminster Abbey Shaftesbury Theatre Somerset House Queen's Theatre Prince of Wales Theatre Duchess Theatre Cambridge Theatre Churchill War Rooms The London Dungeon Forbidden Planet Lyric Theatre London

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London,  England, United Kingdom

London - Capital of the United Kingdom

Population: 7556900 inh.
Region: England
Country: United Kingdom
Continent: EU
Airport: LON

"London is the capital and largest city of England and the United Kingdom. The city stands on the River Thames in the south-east of England, at the head of its 50-mile (80 km) estuary leading to the North Sea, London has been a major settlement for two millennia. Londinium was founded by the Romans. The City of London, London's ancient core and financial centre − an area of just 1.12 square miles (2.9 km2) and colloquially known as the Square Mile − retains boundaries that closely follow its medieval limits. The adjacent City of Westminster is an Inner London borough and has for centuries been the location of much of the national government. Thirty one additional boroughs north and south of the river also comprise modern London. London is governed by the mayor of London and the London Assembly. - Wikipedia"

Alter names:
ko: 런던, chr: ᎫᎴ ᏗᏍᎪᏂᎯᏱ, arc: ܠܘܢܕܘܢ, am: ለንደን, ja: ロンドン, or: ଲଣ୍ଡନ, th: ลอนดอน, lo: ລອນດອນ, zu: ILondon, haw: Lākana, om: Landan, tpi: Landen, cy: Llundain, fj: Lodoni, ga: Londain, wo: Londar, li: Londe, pcd: Londe, af: Londen, fy: Londen, nl: Londen, zea: Londen, csb: Londin, la: Londinium, vls: Londn, jbo: london, als: London, az: London, bs: London, da: London, de: London, en: London, et: London, eu: London, hbs: London, hr: London, hu: London, ia: London, id: London, io: London, is: London, ku: London, lb: London, ms: London, nds: London, nn: London, no: London, qu: London, sl: London, sv: London, vo: London, lv: Londona, lt: Londonas, ln: Londoni, eo: Londono, sgs: Londons, yo: Lọndọnu, co: Londra, diq: Londra, it: Londra, lad: Londra, lij: Londra, mt: Londra, nap: Londra, pms: Londra, rm: Londra, ro: Londra, sc: Londra, scn: Londra, sq: Londra, tr: Londra, vec: Łondra, an: Londres, ast: Londres, bcl: Londres, ca: Londres, es: Londres, eu: Londres, fr: Londres, gl: Londres, ilo: Londres, mwl: Londres, nah: Londres, nrm: Londres, oc: Londres, pt: Londres, tet: Londres, tl: Londres, br: Londrez, ext: Londri, frp: Londro, gn: Londye, pl: Londyn, cs: Londýn, sk: Londýn, ht: Lonn, fi: Lontoo, kw: Loundres, vi: Luân Đôn, ang: Lunden, lmo: Lundra, szl: Lůndůn, is: Lundúnir, cdo: Lùng-dŭng, gd: Lunnainn, gv: Lunnin, sco: Lunnon, nan: Lûn-tun, hak: Lùn-tûn, mi: Rānana, lrc: لأندأن, ar: لندن, arz: لندن, azb: لندن, fa: لندن, mzn: لندن, pnb: لندن, ps: لندن, ur: لندن, ckb: لەندەن, ug: لوندون, yi: לאנדאן, he: לונדון, el: Λονδίνο, pnt: Λονδίνο, be: Лёндан, ab: Лондан, be: Лондан, ba: Лондон, bg: Лондон, bxr: Лондон, ce: Лондон, cv: Лондон, kbd: Лондон, kk: Лондон, koi: Лондон, krc: Лондон, kv: Лондон, ky: Лондон, lbe: Лондон, lez: Лондон, mhr: Лондон, mk: Лондон, mn: Лондон, mrj: Лондон, os: Лондон, ru: Лондон, rue: Лондон, sah: Лондон, sr: Лондон, tg: Лондон, tt: Лондон, udm: Лондон, uk: Лондон, myv: Лондон ош, cu: Лондонъ, bo: ལོན་ཊོན།, hy: Լոնդոն, ka: ლონდონი, xmf: ლონდონი, mai: लण्डन, ne: लण्डन, sa: लन्डन्, new: लन्दन, mr: लंडन, bh: लंदन, hi: लंदन, gu: લંડન, te: లండన్, pa: ਲੰਡਨ, kn: ಲಂಡನ್, ta: இலண்டன், ml: ലണ്ടൻ, bn: লন্ডন, my: လန်ဒန်မြို့, si: ලන්ඩන්, wuu: 伦敦, zh: 伦敦, zh-CN: 伦敦, gan: 倫敦, lzh: 倫敦, yue: 倫敦, zh: 倫敦, zh-TW: 倫敦,