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Luxor,  Luxor, Egypt

Luxor - City in Egypt

Population: 422407 inh.
Region: Luxor
Country: Egypt
Continent: AF
Airport: LXR

"Luxor is a city in Upper (southern) Egypt and the capital of Luxor Governorate. The population numbers 506,535, with an area of approximately 417 square kilometres (161 sq mi). - Wikipedia"

Alter names:
ko: 룩소르, ja: ルクソール, th: ลักซอร์, qu: Al Uqsur, tr: El-Uksur, fr: Louxor, oc: Loxòr, ga: Lucsar, pl: Luksor, sl: Luksor, lv: Luksora, lt: Luksoras, eo: Luksoro, ca: Luxor, da: Luxor, de: Luxor, en: Luxor, fi: Luxor, gl: Luxor, id: Luxor, it: Luxor, nl: Luxor, no: Luxor, pt: Luxor, sv: Luxor, es: Lúxor, gl: Luxor- الأقصر, fa: اقصر, ur: اقصر, ar: الأقصر, ar: الاقصر, arz: الاقصر, pnb: لکسر, he: לוקסור, el: Λούξορ, be: Луксор, bg: Луксор, mk: Луксор, ru: Луксор, sr: Луксор, uk: Луксор, ky: Луксор шаары, hy: Լուքսոր, ka: ლუქსორი, hi: लक्सर, mr: लुक्सोर, pa: ਲਕਸਰ, ta: அல்-உக்சுர், yue: 樂蜀, zh: 樂蜀,