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  • Bomb Explodes Outside Medical Center in Cyprus Capital Nicosia - The National Herald
  • €150,000 in cash, jewellery stolen from Nicosia home - Cyprus Mail
  • Messages of hope from first pensioners to get the jab in Nicosia - in-cyprus
  • Restaurant review: Akakiko delivery, Nicosia - Cyprus Mail
  • Jack Byrne flies to Cyprus for talks with Mick McCarthy's APOEL Nicosia -
  • Turkish Cypriots Protest In Nicosia For "freedom And Peace" - Greek City Times -
  • Nicosia awards best city-centre Christmas window displays - Cyprus Mail
  • Nicosia Announced as Assistant AD for Digital and Creative Media - Lenoir Rhyne College Athletics
  • Fire from blast destroys car in Nicosia - Cyprus Mail
  • Nicosia municipality giving Christmas packages for those in need - Cyprus Mail

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Ledra Street Crossing Point Shacolas Tower Museum & Observatory The Mall Of Cyprus Cvar/Severis Foundation The Cyprus Museum A. G. Leventis Gallery Sultan II. Mahmut Kütüphanesi İttik Yitik Dede Türbesi Segway Station Tour Experience Selimiye Meydanı Selimiye Meydan Anıtı Ortaçağ Taş Eserler Müzesi Hasder El Sanatları Merkezi Lapideri Müzesi Mouseio Lapideri Taş Eserler Müzesi Kurt Baba Türbesi National Guard Commandos Museum Haydarpaşa Camii Nicosia Municipal Arts Centre

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Nicosia,  Nicosia, Cyprus

Nicosia - Capital of Cyprus

Population: 200452 inh.
Region: Nicosia
Country: Cyprus
Continent: EU
Airport: NIC

Nicosia is the largest city, capital, and seat of government of Cyprus. It is located near the centre of the Mesaoria plain, on the banks of the River Pedieos. Wikipedia

Alter names:
ja: ニコシア, ko: 니코시아, am: ሌፍኮዚያ, or: ନିକୋସିଆ, th: นิโคเซีย, ga: An Leafcóis, tr: Lefkoşa, gv: Lefkosia, vo: Lefkosia, el: Lefkosía, la: Leucosia, sgs: Nėkosėjė, lmo: Nicoséa, cy: Nicosia, da: Nicosia, en: Nicosia, es: Nicosia, ga: Nicosia, hu: Nicosia, it: Nicosia, nl: Nicosia, ro: Nicosia, sv: Nicosia, pt: Nicósia, ca: Nicòsia, nap: Nicosìa, pms: Nicosìa, en: Nicosia (Lefkosia), gl: Nicosia - Λευκωσία, fr: Nicosie, scn: Nicusìa, ace: Nikosia, bar: Nikosia, de: Nikosia, dsb: Nikosia, et: Nikosia, eu: Nikosia, fi: Nikosia, fo: Nikosia, frr: Nikosia, fy: Nikosia, hif: Nikosia, hsb: Nikosia, id: Nikosia, io: Nikosia, jv: Nikosia, lb: Nikosia, nds: Nikosia, nn: Nikosia, no: Nikosia, nov: Nikosia, se: Nikosia, sq: Nikosia, stq: Nikosia, sw: Nikosia, is: Nikósía, cs: Nikósie, vep: Nikosii, lt: Nikosija, lv: Nikosija, mt: Nikosija, az: Nikosiya, kaa: Nikosiya, lad: Nikosiya, rw: Nikosiya, uz: Nikosiya, ht: Nikozi, br: Nikozia, sk: Nikózia, bs: Nikozija, hbs: Nikozija, hr: Nikozija, sl: Nikozija, eo: Nikozio, pl: Nikozja, kab: Niqusya, ckb: نیکۆسیا, azb: نیکوزیا, fa: نیکوزیا, lrc: نیکوزیا, mzn: نیکوزیا, pnb: نیکوسیا, ur: نیکوسیا, ar: نيقوسيا, arz: نيكوسيا, ug: نىكوسىيە, yi: ניקאסיע, he: ניקוסיה, el: Λευκωσία, pnt: Λευκωσίαν, ky: Лефкоша, mk: Никозија, sr: Никозија, bg: Никозия, os: Никоси, ce: Никосий, mhr: Никосий, av: Никосия, kk: Никосия, mdf: Никосия, ru: Никосия, sah: Никосия, tg: Никосия, tt: Никосия, udm: Никосия, myv: Никосия ош, be: Нікасія, uk: Нікосія, bo: ནེ་ཁོ་ཤི་ཡ།, hy: Նիկոսիա, ka: ნიქოზია, ne: निकोज्या, hi: निकोसिया, mr: निकोसिया, pa: ਨਿਕੋਸੀਆ, kn: ನಿಕೋಸಿಯ, ta: நிக்கோசியா, ml: നിക്കോഷ്യ, bn: নিকোসিয়া, zh: 尼科西亚, zh-CN: 尼科西亚, yue: 尼科西亞,